Företagets historia

The family firm of Ivanhoe was founded in 1946 in Gällstad, a district know as Sweden's own knitting centre, where tradition and pioneering spirits still live on. Several generations experience and competence enable us to continously develop both base and functional garments. The classic materials, such as wool and cotton, can always be found in our collections, but we also incorporate new blends, treatments or knitting and weaving techniques.
We select our raw materials with the outmost care, giving greater considerations to quality and special properties than cost. This results in well made, classic and hardwearing clothes for active people, clothes that will give you many long years of enjoyable use.

The company was founded by Martin Göthager and is today owned and run by his three sons; Lars-Erik, Ulf & Göran Göthager.
The siblings Anders, Anna & Karin Göthager is now the third generation who are active in the company. Anders is sales manager and Anna works with design and marketing.

In 2012, they took an important step towards the pursuit of the company and its spirit further.
Today's innovative and functional sports fashion from Ivanhoe manufactured largely in our own factory in Gällstad, but also at partner companies in Europe, with whom we have a very close cooperation. We want to retain full control, from the selection of yarn and thread right through to the finished garment. Geographical proximity also enables us to act quickly, we can offer short lead times and shorter transport also provides a lower impact on the environment.

We produce two seasonal collections per year, spring / summer and autumn / winter. In parallel with these seasonal collections we Ivanhoe Classic, a collection that includes timeless pieces in simple and sleek design.