We launch two seasonal collections per year, spring/summer and fall/winter. Parallel with the seasonal collections, we also run an Ivanhoe Classic collection, containing classic carry over styles that we keep in stock all year around. 

Anastasia & Zynthia Assar Vest & Gudmar Hood Carve Zip Engla accessories Flisan WB Group GT Irama Long GY Backa GY Bond GY Duffy & GY Korrebo Rollneck GY Ina & GY Rude GY Korrebo accessories GY Korrebo Cardigan_1 GY Mark Carcoat & GY Duffy Halo Zip Jack Jacket Jed Jaquard Malte & Gudmar Zip Moa hood & Beata Vest Pulsar Vest & Jed Jaquard Roa hat & scarf