Material guide

Ivanhoe Wool Fleece, I.W.F - is the name of our so unique boiled wool quality. Sport Loden is the name of the yarn used, a Blue Sign certified yarn supplied by Schoeller Bregenz in Austria. The yarn is spun and dyed in Europe and the wool comes originally from South America.

Weight varies from 425-460 gr/m2.Our thin, 3 thread, sport loden quality approx. 320 gr/m2.
Merino wool, we use both fine- and extra fine merino wool, this wool is particularly soft and can easily be worn direct to skin. We buy our yarn from Italy.

In merino wool we knit almost exclusively in our unique Ivanhoe knit, a technical full milano knit with four way stretch.
Full milano knit, weight: 485gr/m2.Half milano knit, weight: 400gr/m2.
Lambswool is a soft, but also a very weak fiber, a mixture with 20% polyamide makes it stronger, more long lasting and form stable.Yarn is spun and dyed by Lanerossi in Italy, a company who is certified with the Öko-Tex standard 100.
Most of our Windbreaker garments have lining with stretch in the back part in order to make them more comfortable and flexible to wear. The lining is developed by FOV in Borås for active wear and certified with the Öko-Tex standard 100.

Lining with stretch: 93% PA,7% Lycra
Breathability: 50 000 gr/m2/24h
Lining, non stretch: 100% PA
Breathability: 14 000 gr/m2/24
Cotton - quality American type, fiber length 27-29 mm. Yarn is spun and dyed in Portugal.

In our cotton we use an extra high twist to make it stronger, more resistant against pilling, and shinier. Garments are also pre-shrunk and tumbled for softness.

Cotton weight on our flat knitted single jersey is 400gr/m2.
To strengthen our Swedish inheritance, and as a sign of high quality, we have chosen to brand our garments with a Swedish flag. The flag has a discreet and tasteful placement and is either to be found as a glass rivet or as a woven label. The woven label is usually placed in left side seam or down at left side, rivet is most likely to be found attached on hood.