The new EU regulation – GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation), starting 25th of May 2018, aims to ensure that personal data is handled in a safe and transparent way and to give you control over your personal information. According to this new regulation, we have updated our privacy policy.


We, Ivanhoe AB, only save contact information & details of customers and their contact person to handle our trading relationship, to deliver products and to follow Bookkeeping Act.

We handle all personal and company related information with integrity and will not sell or distribute it to third parties unless there is a legitim reason to do so, for example in order to be able to fulfill a customer order or delivery.

To help our customers we have a retailer list on our website where the end consumer can see where they can buy our products. Only information as the name of the company, city where it is situated, phone number and web address is shown.

Ivanhoe’s register of customers is updated every year and the customer that for any reason ends our relationship is taken away from our registe but are saved as long as it’s needed to follow laws and regulations.

If the registered customer wishes to know what kind of information we have or don’t want to occur in our register please contact us.

We save e-mails only when necessary to be able to handle customer relationships or orders, no other personal information is used for advertising or such like. When the relationship for some reason is ended and the information is no longer needed the e-mails will be deleted.

If the receiver/sender for some reason wants to know what kind of information we have about them or wants to be deleted please contact us at

If you visit or communicate with us via our social media accounts (like Facebook or Instagram) Ivanhoe can get information about your profile and your interaction on the supplier of the same.