Sustainability and sustainable fashion have built our collections long before it was a well used concept within the textile industry, partly because wool has always played a central role, but also because we produce in Sweden and Europe.

Knitted in Gällstad since 1946

We are one of very few textile manufacturers in Sweden. We have our own production facility in Gällstad where approximately 90% of all knitting takes place. We also have our design- and sample department, embroidery service and a small sewing deparment here.

Additional production takes place in partner factories in Europe, primarily in Estonia, Lithuania and Poland. Our own production and the manufacturing partners in Europe imply a high degree of flexibility, where we can produce by order without speculating and risking overstock.

Having production in Sweden and Europe also means shorter distances with shorter shipments and transports, and instantly a lower environmental impact.

Responsible all the way

As explained above sustainable fashion is not just about choosing the right fiber & materials, it is also about the choice of producer, how they act, their choices, where they are located, how far the garments need to be shipped etc.

If you are interested to read more about us, our responsiblity and sustainable fashion please download this pdf.